Devin + Tori // Flastaff,AZ


Flagstaff, AZ // Jan 21st 2018

On a VERY cold January morning, after a storm, Devin and Tori danced around in the snow. They have been friends for a very long time. And it’s so evident in the way they talk to each other and how comfortable they are together. It’s those long friendships since early high school that sometimes creates some of the best relationships. Through trials and successes, they grew up together. The good and the bad they have been there for each other. It’s a special thing to have someone like that.

THAT RED DRESS?! AHH I was dying it was so pretty. Born and raised in Flagstaff, the both of them love the snow. With winter boots on under her dress, Tori didn’t mind the cold one bit. I think maybe she was too numb to feel anything by the end but always had a smile on her face. I’m so excited to shoot their wedding this next year!!

Kimberly + Adam // Findlay,OH


Findlay, Ohio, Dec 30th

“You were my heart flower my poetry my song
Just one look at you and then I knew
On that day, serendipity smiled down on me” — Asgeir

Windy wintery Ohio welcomed this wedding in with open arms. One minute it was a snowing storm and the next the sun came out to kiss our cheeks. It was a beautiful day filled with sweet moments. Kim and Adam met in college where they fell in love and grew to be each others best friends. They have a sweet friendship that lingers in the air for all who come around can tell they are not only in love but best friends. They are quite yet strong, gentle yet powerful, smart yet funny.

I grew up going to Donnell Theater to watch performances of dancing lollipops and choir concerts. While Kimberly and I were in middle school, our town experienced a horrible flood that ruined most of our middle schools and elementary schools. LUCKILY the were able to save Donnell Theater, which was attached to Central Middle School. It holds such character with the deep colors of marble, iron staircases, and vaulted ceilings. Their wedding was so different compared to other Findlay, Ohio weddings I’ve attended because of the space they choose.

Vendors:Venue: Marathon Center of Performimng Arts// Caterer: Bistro on Main //Flowers: Handmade //DJ/Band: Memories by Candlelight // Cake: Sarah's Sweets // Officiant: Fr. Mike Hohenbrink // Invitations/ Program: Invitations handmade programs made by St. Michaels
// Rings/Jewelry: Brillient Earth (hers) Michael Ellen Jewler (His) // Wedding Dress: Elegant Bride of Dublin //Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Mark + Jessie // Findlay,OH


Findlay, OHIO // January 1

The wind was cold and the air was thin. The first day of the New Year my good friends Mark and Jessie drove hours from Indiana to have their lovely engagement photos taken. None of us thought it was going to be in the negatives!!! We photographed outside as long as any of us could bare it. We found a friends new Mid-Century Modern home to photograph in. THANK GOD.

I take it as an honor to be apart of Mark’s life through ups and downs of college. To be friends for years and years and be introduced to his new fiance who that fits him like a glove. They are funny and kind together. He is soft and caring, she is passionate and wildly free. They match each other in ways that I couldn’t have dreamed up for him.