Bernadette + Luigi // Sedona,AZ

Bernadette + Luigi

Destination Wedding // Sedona, Arizona // November 12th

The sun rises into the Arizona sky while I make my decent down from Flagstaff to Sedona. I zip through the switchbacks, with soft melodies drifting from the radio in my car. I prepare myself for the day, I had no idea, as I was mentally going through my normal creative visualization process, that today would be so full of beautiful moments shared between two families joining as one.

Bernadette and Luigi are from the great New York City. She is a NICU nurse and he is a Neurosurgeon. They make this beautiful mix of Irish and Italian, sweet and direct, personable and highly intelligent. 

The day before their wedding it was dark and rainy. Those days don’t come too often in Sedona but the following day (the wedding day) was full of light. I often become friends with my clients so much so I wish we all lived in the same town and could hang out on a regular basis. It was no different with Luigi and Bernadette! We spent the entire day together running through the red sands of Sedona capturing their bridal portraits all around. We were having the best of times… and THEN  I met their families and friends who mostly all came from NYC as well. The rest of the night was one big celebration.

It’s a beautiful thing to be surrounded by the people who have poured into your life so deeply. From brothers and sisters and colleagues and college rooms, these people are the ones who have seen it all. In some way weddings are not just about the bride and groom but the gathering of their people in one space to celebrate a moment in time together. Weddings are a thanking of sorts, a recognition for helping to get the bride or groom to this spot in their life. Bernadette and Luigi honored their family and friends during the wedding through food and wine and creating new memories to carry on with. Dancing, dancing, dancing they did!!!! ALL night. It was amazing. From the Irish step dance, to the hip hop funk, to the sweet Italian love songs.

Destination weddings are not for the faint of heart. They are for ones who want to emphasize their people and honor them by giving a wonderful vacation full of new memories.

Vendors: Wedding Dress: Noel and Jean // shoes: Hobbs of London // Rings: NYC Wholesale Diamonds // Florals: Mountain High Flowers // Venue: Seven Canyons // DJ: Sedona Sounds // Cake: Take the Cake AZ // Cake decor: Succulent Source /


Mark + Cindy // Sedona,AZ

Mark + Cindy

Sedona, Arizona // November 25th // L’Auberge

THESE COLORS!!!! were UNREAL!!! Who knew a late November creekside wedding at L’Auberge would be the perfect temperature with all the right autumn colors. The orange, to the pinks to the maroons and greens. Cindy and Mark chose the very best weekend to have their small intimate wedding in Sedona.

They met a few years ago while working at the same architecture firm in Boston. With new opportunities opening in Phoenix, they moved and now live in a cute downtown house with character and warmth. Their wedding day was one of those perfect sweet days filled with the right amount of guests, warm breeze, and creek sounds.

She is gentle, creative, and compassionate. 

He is kind, direct, and corky. 

Mark’s brother performed the wedding ceremony down on the lawn over looking the trees and water. The sun came in at our backs and lit up Cindy as her and her dad walked down the isle. If you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with long tables that go on forever. This is why I love love love small intimate gatherings is because everyone can fit around ONE table. Maybe it’s all the chairs in a row lined up waiting or the plates awaiting to hear good long conversation for hours. But I do know something special happens when there is time spent at one long table. For hours Cindy and Mark’s family and friends, from all over the country, enjoyed a long wonderful meal to celebrate the day two became one.

Vendors: Florist: Hoot & Holler // DJ:Desert House Productions // Cake:Sedona Cake Couture // Venue + Caterer: L’Auberge de Sedona // Hair + Make up: Alyssa Shevlin + Patricia Vega // Invitations, menu: Jileen Sargent Design // Calligrapher: Farin Blackburn // Custom engagement ring and wedding bands: Schmit Jewelers // Dress: Lovely Bride //

Melissa + Shea // Sayulita,Mexico


Sayulita, Mexico // Nov 3rd 2017


Imagine this: a hot salt breeze whips through your hair as you walk cobble streets lined with taco stands and giant dream catchers hung for sale. The colors are bright, vivid, and bold. Your friends run up to you with a cold beer in one hand and their swim suit in another. Life seems slower here. Your closest family and friends are all staying in multiple houses close by with only your two feet or a rented golf cart to get you into town. The jungle sways with sweaty leaves and the ocean roars as it crashes against the rocks ushering in a sunset from afar. The food, the smells, the sounds, and the people are all tell you to slow down, laugh, and drink a margarita or… four.

That may be the very reason Shea and Melissa decided to take have a destination wedding in the small hip surf town of Sayulita, Mexico. I mean who wouldn’t want all their favorite people in one place, eating delicious mexican food, and swimming in the Pacific Ocean??

Melissa is very very creative, spunky, generous, and wild.

Shea is very very funny, inviting, genuine, and intentional.

They met years and year ago while going to school in San Deigo, California. They met one night going out with friends and the rest is well…history! From grad school all over the country to their new home in Phoenix, Arizona, these two have a friendship and partnership that has been tested and tried. Each time they come up even stronger then before.

From the gem colored florals, to the geometric details, and the bridesmaids polka dotted dresses this wedding was not lacking in the creative elements. The venue…WOW…Don Dedros Palapa had all the right feels. Cliff ocean views, lush green lawn, and a palapa for dinner! This space set the scene for an ideal experience in Mexico. Every detail was done with excellence thanks to the amazing wedding coordinator, Somer. Each vendor at this wedding I need to add, was amazing. They help to create a beautiful atmosphere for a good freaking party!! I can’t even talk about the food or I might go jump on a plane back down and not come back (i’m not kidding). I think it takes a certain type of couple to have a destination wedding. They must be ok with a lack of control, chill about the end goal, and be mostly excited for friends and family to come from afar. Shea and Melissa made this wedding about their people. The people who have supported them, carried them, loved on them. Let’t just say they have an amazing support system around their new marriage.

Their wedding weekend was also a over a Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos. The whole town came out to celebrate with flags of color, candles, and pictures of loved ones day came before. Melissa, having Mexican roots, was able to celebrate this holiday along side of her wedding day. They even had a whole table honoring the deceased at the wedding with photos and candles. It was a beautiful additive to the wedding celebration. 

I cannot express to you HOW FREAKING amazing and beautiful this wedding was. I could try…but I think the photographs help tell the story better. So go ahead look for yourself and imagine yourself there with the breeze whipping your hair and a margarita in your hand.


Wedding Dress: Shareen // Florals: Flor Mimo // Venue: Don Pedros // Wedding Planner: Somer Studholme with Vida Bonita Events //DJ: Sayulita Musica – DJ Jess // Videography: 3rmemories // Invitations: Made by the Bride herself. Second Shooter who helped me photograph this beautiful wedding: Karlie Colleen Photography.