Tina + Jordan // Flagstaff,AZ

Flagstaff, AZ

Tina + Jordan

They met in Flagstaff during nursing school together. Here in this sleepy slow mountain living town they fell in love as friends and then as partners. Soon after graduation they moved up to Portland, OR where Jordan is originally from. They both had a desire to get married in the town they met.

I individually met each one of their guests. It was a small wedding with an intimate gathering feeling. Outside in the backyard of a friends house they vowed to always be each others firsts and only. They danced and then moved the celebration to downtown Flagstaff at a local pub. Each person they talked to, gave their undivided attention to, and laughed with. It’s a beautiful thing to have a small gathering of your favorite people all in one room together.


Randi + Mark // Cornville, AZ

Cornville, Arizona // DA RANCH

May 28th RANDI + MARK

With the romantic lyrics of Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”, Mark and Randi danced under the Arizona stars and strung lights all around. Their vineyard ranch wedding was a site to take in. With lush green overhanging trees and a warm summery breeze right around the corner. The friends that came up from Phoenix and around from all over the country filled the ranch with a buzz of excitement and energy!! They said I do underneath the weeping willow tree and drank wine in the vineyard. Mark and Randi met in New York where they became the best of friends. Their love is sweet and kind. Randi is sassy and one of those friends you want always by your side. She is fun and full of life. Mark is kind, intelligent, and loves deep. This is one of my VERY favorite Arizona venues!!