My great-grandfather George and my great-grandmother Hannah (who I was named after!) would go on six-month adventures back in the 1880s and travel the world on a boat. My great-grandfather was a photographer, and when I found hundreds of his film slides from Israel, Africa, Japan, Italy, and more, I felt a great connection to these people I’d never met.

This is the reason I believe in printing! Having a wedding album and hanging family photos on the walls of our homes isn’t just about having a keepsake or remembering the day. Those things are also for the day when your little girl asks how you met Daddy. It shows the love her parents share in the look on Daddy’s face when he first saw Mommy in her wedding dress. It shows who was there on that day, the people she knows and some she never got to meet. It’s for the day when the kids are grown and they come home for the holidays so your youngest can laugh at how gangly he used to be and your oldest can laugh about that awful hairstyle he insisted on having.

Keep your memories alive! With the ever-changing state of the internet and social media, our brains tend to rush forward rather than focus on the things we’ve already lived. The best ways to preserve our memories are offline: sharing stories at family gatherings, talking with grandpa on the porch swing, passing along cookbooks, and handing down heirloom photos.

We live in our homes and our cherished photographs should too. Our memories and moments should surround us during our everyday life. In these items, our legacy can be passed down as tangible items to those who come after us. I want to not only give you quality images for sharing with others now, but also prints, albums, and canvases for the future.

Because those things aren’t just a product you buy; they’re a legacy you preserve.


I believe printing your wedding pictures honors your love story in a way that a Facebook album or blog post just can’t. That’s why I include a custom heirloom wedding album in my photography collections, something that you can hold in your hands and will live with you in your home.

  • Beautifully designed and customized
  • Made in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  • Standard couples album: 10×10, 20 pages, starting at $599
  • Parents album: 8×8, 20 pages, starting at $495

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Prints, gifts, books, and more

Whether it’s your wedding pictures or pictures of your family, those photographs should have a place on our walls, not just on our phones or Instagram accounts. I want to help you select ways to treasure your photos that will mean the most to you: a fun coffee table book, a framed picture for the mantle, or a gift item for the grandparents.

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