Taryn + Ryan // Flagstaff, AZ

October 13th // Backyard Wedding

Did someone say Oktoberfest wedding?!? Taryn and Ryan created the most autumn themed wedding I have ever been to!! Bratwurst, beer, pumpkins, and pies- it gave you all the right October feels. I cannot express how the detail that went into this wedding. Taryn left no stone up turned.

Taryn and Ryan’s families new each other growing up. They are the most unlikely of couples but they work so perfectly together. He is this wild, extreme, kind, happy guy. She is this creative, smart, organized, beautiful woman. They connected again while dancing at the local two step bar one night and felt an instant mutual attraction. They run together, hike together, travel together, and cook together. They are the best of friends!

The day did not go according to plan but when does a wedding ever happen on plan? Within the last decade it has not rained on October 13th. It rained the whole day this year! Due to a fluke tropical storm we had a beautiful rainy wedding day! I know if it rains on your wedding day it’s good luck- they got luck piled up for the rest of their lives if that is true!! Taryn’s wedding vision was amazing. Every detail came to light. While it thundered strong during the ceremony, the reception went all night long in that tent!

Oktoberfest was the theme! Her mother made homemade german bratwurst, sourcrout, and potatoes. With hints of blackberry everywhere in the candy popcorn, infused water, and homemade blackerry pies it was a treat!!

They danced and danced with a sparkler exit at the end!!

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