Taylor + Bart // Cleveland, OH

Summer Midwest Whimsical Wedding Day

On a hot Ohio afternoon, Bart + Taylor wed in a beautiful church near the lake. When they met in college, they couldn’t stop spending time with each other. It was pretty instant and they built a strong connection and friendship that will last for a lifetime. Together they are a solid, genuine, fun couple that you want to be around all the time. They are good people and I’m so grateful for these humans who hire me to document their story.

Bart grew up in Minster, Ohio where he played football and swam in Lake Erie. Taylor grew up 2 hours south west in a small town called Findlay. It was in Findlay where I met Taylor in middle school through friends! This was one of the most fun weddings for me to document because of this sweet love between friends. With having over 250+ guests, it was a hoot of a wedding!! So much laughter and love.

With her Kate Spade stylish shoes and lace dress, Taylor was an elegant bride to say the least. No one could tell we all were sweating buckets, thank god for AC in July!! Family is a really big deal to the couple, so they incorporated lots of family throughout the ceremony and reception from her little nephew walking down the aisle to the mothers lighting unity candles. Their day was full and happy.

The night ended with a huge reception at Landerhaven! With beautiful decorations and REALLY good food! The dance party was just getting started at 11pm, so just imagine how long they danced?!

Randi + Mark // Cornville, AZ

Cornville, Arizona // DA RANCH

May 28th RANDI + MARK

With the romantic lyrics of Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”, Mark and Randi danced under the Arizona stars and strung lights all around. Their vineyard ranch wedding was a site to take in. With lush green overhanging trees and a warm summery breeze right around the corner. The friends that came up from Phoenix and around from all over the country filled the ranch with a buzz of excitement and energy!! They said I do underneath the weeping willow tree and drank wine in the vineyard. Mark and Randi met in New York where they became the best of friends. Their love is sweet and kind. Randi is sassy and one of those friends you want always by your side. She is fun and full of life. Mark is kind, intelligent, and loves deep. This is one of my VERY favorite Arizona venues!!

Rachel + Austin // Flagstaff,AZ

Austin + Rachael

Flagstaff, Arizona- Viola’s Flower Garden

While you read this and look through the photographs I want you to have a Disney princess song playing gently in your head. All will make sense ūüôā

I had the honor of photographing my beautiful friends wedding at a new located Viola’s Flower Garden. I get so excited when more and more venues pop up all over Flagstaff for weddings. This one is a gem!!! No need for decorations, the flowers say it all. Rachael, sweet woman she is, got ready there at the gardens all the while listening to a Disney soundtrack. You won’t find a woman more like Cinderella anywhere! Bubbly, kind, and giggly- Rachael is our Cinderella. This wedding was very magical. I felt like at any moment I could see little birds tweeting here and there trying to help get our Cinderella ready for her big day. That it was, a big day filled with sugar, laughter, and dancing. I have NEVER photographed a man more enthusiastic as his bride walked down the isle. I was taken away by the emotion of it all. Rachael and Austin’s love feels like it is out of a fairytale!! The way he gazes at her, dances with her, and kisses her hand gently feels like prince charming. With their closest family and friends, the two became one amidst the flowers and birds.


Craig + Gabrielle // Sedona, AZ

Craig + Gabrielle 

Have you ever watched About Time? If you have not… what are you doing with your life? If you have, you get a star and, you will know exactly what I am talking about. You know that feeling you get after you watch that movie? The warm excited feeling about life? That feeling that marriage is all that it’s cracked up to be, it’s beautiful and messy and full of arguments and love making. That feeling that this world isn’t all going to hell, there is hope. There is are real love stories that become timeless and instills that desire to have one. That is the feeling I got during Craig and Gabrielle’s wedding. It wasn’t their beautiful floral arrangements or the Sedona Red Rocks in the background or her stunning dress. It was the way he looked at her as if she was the only one in the room. The way he danced with her and kissed her with tenderness. I could feel their friendship rooted on understanding and sacrifice for each other. I didn’t see individuals that day, I saw a web of intricately designed moments and memories and hard conversations and good conversations, selflessness, honesty, and desire that made up this couple. I don’t often feel THIS much at a wedding, mind you I am an intense feeler…to the degree I cry during the vows or first dance, but this wedding something deeper caught me off guard and I could hear the About Time theme song playing in my head as I photographed all day.

( I REPEAT— if you have not seen that movie, please go watch it. Curl up with your love or a friend and enjoy the beauty of film and life).

There isn’t much more to say because I hope the photos evoke the same type of timeless love and hope I had during the day.

xoxo-Hannah Rose

Chapple Wedding Vendors:

Location:¬†L’Auberge de Sedona

Florist: Tomas Johnson

Cake: Sedona Cake Couture and The Nest & Egg (Dessert Bar)

Hair + Makeup: Divine Beauty Artists

Dress: Anne Barge- Berkeley

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Rings: House of Diamonds

Men’s Attire:¬†Calvin Klein

Planner: Heart of Sedona Weddings

DJ: Curtis Whipple

Thanks to Karlie Colleen Photography for assisting me!