Book Review: Chasing Slow


Chasing Slow: Erin Loechner

Course to Journey Off the Beaten Path

Genre: Autobiography, Christian Life, Women’s Issues

Page count: 281 pages

What I thought of the book:

I first read this book last January after a friend referred it to me. She knows I love all things rest, rejuvenation, and slow living. I went into this book thinking it would be like all the others, a guide to living a slow life. This is almost a memoir of her life’s journey chasing slow and failing miserably along the way. It’s a coffee book type of book because it’s designed so beautifully. It has hidden little notes, recipes, and design tips throughout. But it also has REALLY hard words to swallow when you are reading it because it will hit you hard. 

She taught me there is something deep down within all of us, like a lion, that is searching for it’s next prey. The prey for her and for me, is striving for the next thing to do, always saying yes, and MORE (more money, more things, more stuff). Throughout the whole book she will use the analogy of the lion inside to describe this inner turmoil with ourselves. The constant back and forth of saying yes and learning no. The more we feed the lion the more it will continue it’s search for MORE. This is a book about slowing down yes but, it’s also a book about why and where does this need for constant more comes from.

Erin was one of those first bloggers in the 90’s when the internet went boom. When you are reading it feels like you are at coffee with her sitting across from the table listening to her life’s story, with all the messy beautiful moments.

The one reason this book is different than all the other is because half way through writing this book she recognizes while chasing slow- she is still striving for more. It’s in the chase that slow needs to happen. It’s in the striving that perfectionism needs to be put in it’s place, which is back on the shelf.   I promise you will get something good out of this book. I read it once a year in January to remind myself what this life is all about and it’s NOT about the more or the next but being content with the already.

Beautiful design, descriptive words, and honest conversation.

Who should read this book?

Any woman who is needing honest true words about how HARD life is but how good it could be if we do the work to silence the lion inside. Anyone who needs to know you are not a lone in your busyness. Anyone who has been “trying” to live a slow intentional life but keep messing it up. 

Why should you read this book?

Because it gives recognition to the struggle of life. It makes you think about the areas of your life you may have fallen blind to and call them “good”. This book tells will guide you in a way of life that could save your marriage and your relationship with your kids.

Favorite Quote:

This was REALLY hard to find the best quote because I didn’t mark up this book. It’s too beautiful that I didn’t even underline one word….sooooo here is one!

“We fluffy this great pit with our ego boosts, our need for control, our unrealistic exceptions, and soon our days are dictated by it’s excuses. The lion sulks around our soul, pacing for his next meal, hungry for more than we are throwing his way. Perhaps we are feeding him the wrong thing. “


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