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Meet the Team

I believe I work better when I have a team to bounce ideas off of, to pick up the slack in my blind spots, and to be apart of growing Hannah Rose Gray Photography. I cannot run this business alone. From helping me edit all the weddings, to balancing workflows and album design- these two women help me run this business with creativity and efficiency. You will love them!

-Hannah Rose

Charolette - Brand Manager

What lights you on fire? 
SO.MANY.THINGS. I feel like I’m actually starting to get into my own groove. That sounds weird, but I’ve felt lost for so long & now it seems like I found where I am suppose to be & have been blessed with many opportunities. So, here are a few things lighting me on fi-yahhh.

A. Being apart of the amazing HRG team – seriously so grateful!
B. Drinking a gallon of water a day
C. My new kitty – Tia (stay little forever plz)
D. This new book I’m currently reading – Verity by Colleen Hoover (omg so good!!)
Whats your favorite food?
Hmm… this is like the hardest question ever because I am such a foodie. Right now, I would have to say taco salad.. Let me explain. It’s so easy to make & throw together quickly, it’s delicious and it’s light for the perfect summer meal. I’ll give you the recipe if you want 😉 trust me you want it.
What item would you bring on a deserted island? 
Good question!! Just one item tho?! Hmm.. probably my husband so he could make fires & kill animals, so I could eat. Not saying I couldn’t do that, but I would much rather have him to do it 😉 does that count?!
Favorite book
Ooooh, this is a tough question.. the first book that popped into my head was The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Holy heck, guys this book is full of love, historical fiction, family & the strength of women. In my opinion, it’s a must read!

Alli- Photo Editor

What lights lights you on fire? 
Singing and painting! I feel that vibrational fire in all my bones and muscles, soothing and nourishing my best self and beyond. Big bodies of water or moving water also have the tendency to “light my fire” in the best way! Gimme ocean, gimme lake, gimme waterfalls!
Whats your favorite food?
Savory: Lasagna. Sweet: Banana pudding. Carb me up Scotty!
What item would you bring on a deserted island? 
Favorite book: 
Recently – The Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. Childhood fav – The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
8w7! That’s right, needing all of the challenge and all of the opportunities to be enthused by the universe! That’s part of why photo editing is a perfect world for my brain work-wise: I get the challenge of polishing perfect imagery and the joy of experiencing and seeing beautiful human beings living and loving out in the world!
Myers Briggs: 
“ENFJ’s are called to enrich the world.” – she’s not wrong!
I take this one with a grain of salt, because who knows  what’s real about our astrological alignment? But for the sake of self-reflection, my Sagittarius self is an absolute a fire spirit who finds peace and nourishment near water. A perfect metaphor for my daily reality!
Thoughts about humans:
 I believe in seeing, elevating, and supporting your humanity! As a image editor, I get to contribute to the final presentation of your captured experiences – ensuring your photographic memory triggers are top quality for printing, sharing, and maybe crying over once a year?