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Meet the Team

The Hannah Rose Gray Team has expanded so that we can better serve more people and give clean, crisp, colorful imagery of love, beauty, and sweetness of life as an everlasting art to last generations to come. 

 My team has been hand selected and trained in the HRG style but with their own flare and personality. You are always getting an incredible experience from whoever gets to photograph you. 

-Hannah Rose

Charolette - Associate Photographer + Brand Manager

1. When you are not shooting, what do you spend your time doing? (think hobbies)

OH man this is such a great question!! Well, I am married and I love just hanging out with my guy. I love working out, being outside (walking & running, but mostly walking), lounging with my two cats, or reading a good book! Not going to lie even though I am an active person, there is nothing better than laying down and watching a show on Netflix. This is how I relax and unwind – even if it’s just during my lunch break. I also run two other businesses so my life is a bit CRAY, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

2. What is your enneagram number?

I LOVE the enneagram! I obsessed over this personality typing system a couple years ago, and it helped me figure out why I am the way I am and learn myself in a deep way. That being said, I am a 9 on the enneagram with a strong 1 wing (sometime this wing definitely takes over lol)! I should probably mention that I am also a hardcore introvert. I love people and spending time with friends and family but I do need my alone time to recharge and show up well for everyone else. 

3. If you could be any character from a movie or tv show who would it be and why?

Okay I have two. This tv show is not as popular so if you know if I AM STOKED. It’s called Vikings. There is a main character named Lagertha. She is a badass viking, mom, and warrior. She fights for what she wants, protects who she cares about, and is not afraid of anyone. I love her boss energy! The next character is Jess from New Girl. Jess is just 100% herself and does not care what anyone else thinks of her; this is a trait that I admire. Also, Jess is just freaking hilarious!! 

4. Favorite thing to photograph on a wedding day

My favorite thing to photograph on a wedding day is sheer emotion and unplanned moments. I LOVE LOVE LOVE candid pictures. People might think that I am aloof or just observing, but I am waiting for the moments that are real and raw. I also love details. When I got married, I spent a lot of time on the details (ceremony, reception, signs, flowers). Partly for that reason, I think that all your hard work with planning the wedding should be documented. 

5. Favorite Book!I am in a book club with Hannah, so this is such a hard question because we read so many good books. I also LOVE self-help books lol. I’m probably always reading at least one self help and one fiction book at all times. But the one that I always come back to and recommend to everyone is The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. 

Jessie- Associate Photographer

Her personality is: fun & driven.

Her photography style is: honest, joyful, & full of emotion.

She has been a photographer for 5+ years shooting weddings, couples, and families! She studied Photography at NAU.

When Jessie photographs a wedding she brings the spunk, knowledge, and personal flare! She will direct you well and give an incredible experience usually dancing in the sunset on a cliff top that you will never forget.

Each photographer shoots a little differently but still maintains the colorful, romantic, joyful style of HRG. All editing will be done to match the HRG photographs you see on the website. She is available in Flagstaff, Sedona, and the rest of Arizona to photograph weddings and families!