Roy + Peyton // Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff Proposal!!! Roy set up a whole day for Peyton. They met in Flagstaff but moved to California. On a recent trip back to Arizona Roy decided to proposal and she was completely shocked. He set up a scavenger hunt day with special people and special places where monumental things have taken place in their relationship. Her last stop was their first kiss location. I was hiding behind a tree when Roy took her out to the spot. He said some beautiful words and got down on one knee asking for her life and heart.

SHE FREAKED OUT! It’s the best part of proposals are the freak outs.

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Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose

I’m a small-town Ohio girl who chased the sun to Arizona. (When they told me that the sun comes out almost everyday, I was SOLD.) I have a deep love of the ocean, good food, and people.

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