Brennan+ Kaitlyn // Columbus,OH

Lovely Morning Wedding

Columbus, Ohio // July 30th

“I love to hold her eyes in mine everyday”

I don’t have many words to describe this wedding other then a soft, beautiful, true elegant display of tenderness that can be created between two people.  With the kindest of touches and sweet glances between the bride and groom, I thought for sure I was in the middle of a movie. It would be one of those movies the whole time your stomach tightens  because of the unspoken tension that is slowly being built up between two people. You watch it so intently, smiling as a giddy little middle schooler, waiting and waiting till the final scene where it ends with a kiss and music playing. I so love those movies because it takes you out of the chaos of the world and pulls you into a place where beauty is created and the only thing that matters. I feel that way during every single wedding I go to. The space between two people you get to watch over the day as the events unfold, the lively atmosphere, and buzzing of reconnection. When else in life do we stop our busy lives to watch a relationship unfold in front of you and let it touch your heart? Other then the movies I cannot think of many places.

The love Brennan and Kaitlyn share is special. It’s nothing like I’ve seen before, so kind and lovely. The JOY they invited us into couldn’t help but made me smile the entire day. And even on afterwards it just kept lasting. That’s kinda what God’s love is like once you have a taste of it. For me it’s through watching the sunset over the ocean while I float in the waves. or listening to beautiful instruments playing and letting myself be engulfed by the sounds they create. or giving someone a gift anonymously and hiding around the corner as they open it up and start crying because they thought no one was listening. Those types of things spring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face I literally cannot help but smile for hours. The giggling that arrives when something so creative, so perfect, so honest collides to create beauty.

Kaitlyn and Brennan wed by water in the grass as the Ohio sun rose to greet them and kiss their faces. Speeches were given by friends who adore them and dances were met by the one and only Josh Garrels playing aloud. If only you could smell the lavender that was sprinkle all day through the photographs, you would love it.


Florist: It’s Your Day Weddings and Events // Cake: Enticing Icings // DJ: Patrick Watkins // Catering: WatersEdge Event and Conference Center // Wedding Dress: Marie Gabriel Couture Bridal // Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie // Jewelry: Kay Jewelers // 

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