Rachel + Austin // Flagstaff,AZ

Austin + Rachael

Flagstaff, Arizona- Viola’s Flower Garden

While you read this and look through the photographs I want you to have a Disney princess song playing gently in your head. All will make sense 🙂

I had the honor of photographing my beautiful friends wedding at a new located Viola’s Flower Garden. I get so excited when more and more venues pop up all over Flagstaff for weddings. This one is a gem!!! No need for decorations, the flowers say it all. Rachael, sweet woman she is, got ready there at the gardens all the while listening to a Disney soundtrack. You won’t find a woman more like Cinderella anywhere! Bubbly, kind, and giggly- Rachael is our Cinderella. This wedding was very magical. I felt like at any moment I could see little birds tweeting here and there trying to help get our Cinderella ready for her big day. That it was, a big day filled with sugar, laughter, and dancing. I have NEVER photographed a man more enthusiastic as his bride walked down the isle. I was taken away by the emotion of it all. Rachael and Austin’s love feels like it is out of a fairytale!! The way he gazes at her, dances with her, and kisses her hand gently feels like prince charming. With their closest family and friends, the two became one amidst the flowers and birds.


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