Nicole + Sam // Colorado Springs, CO

Sam + Nicole

Colorado Springs, Colorado

March 20th

I met these two 6 years ago working at Beulah Beach summer camp on Lake Erie. All summer I knew they liked each other, even though they tried so hard to play it off as if they were just friends. Ya right! Their love grew out of a deep friendship into a romance that will last their whole life.

Down by a winter creek, in the beautiful Colorado Springs, the two promised their lives to each other. First and for most to always be best friends. With their closest friends and family gathered they laughed and cried together while the sun came up for a morning wedding. The sun was delighted to see these two delighting in each other.

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Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose

I’m a small-town Ohio girl who chased the sun to Arizona. (When they told me that the sun comes out almost everyday, I was SOLD.) I have a deep love of the ocean, good food, and people.

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